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Migrating SMS to DMS in DB2

Some DBA would be required to convert the SMS tablespace to DMS tablespace. But seems DB2 do not have such utilities to convert SMS to DMS directly. We cannot use backup/restore for restoring the SMS to DMS, the traditional way to convert SMS to DMS is to use db2look and db2move. Also hope some people can tell me a better option.

Git Commands

Git is a powerful distributed version control system. In 2005, Linus Torvalds spent only two weeks developing this tool. The original purpose of git was version control for Linux OS source code. Since then, git become the most popular distributed version control system. In 2008, github was established for storing source code of open source projects. Now, more and more open source projects are moving to the github. This post introduces fundamentals of git commands.

Setting Up the Git Server

GITHUB is a free and open source public code repository, from small to big project. Many developers are using GitHub everyday, even me, although I’m not a coder. But because of its open source, everyone can visit your code, including sensitive data. Based on this, many develop teams will build their own git server. This post will show you how to build a git server on Linux platform.

Solarized Color Theme in Gnome-terminal and Vim

Solarized color theme is the most popular color theme in the world. For me, solarized color not only can protect my eyes from the computer but also can make my typing more efficiency. My laptop is using RHEL6 gnome desktop, all the configurations of this post will base on gnome terminal.

Markdown Syntax

Markdown is a lightweight markup language, the original purpose of markdown is to provide a handy tool for text to html, with easy read and easy write syntax format. Markdown can be defined to: 1. plain-text syntax; 2. a software converting the plain-text to html.

OGG RMAN Initial Load Sample

My first experience of deploying OGG was in 2010, we were synchronizing the data from prod server to a report server. Before using OGG, we were using MV table to achieve that. But I didn’t maintain OGG since 2013, so I almost forgot everything about the OGG. It’s necessary to write down some fundamental steps about how to build an OGG environment.

Rolling Upgrade RAC From 11g to 12c

What I mean rolling is Grid Infrastructure upgrade by rolling, but RDBMS still need outage. To minimize the downtime, and I think upgrade with rolling is more easier than non-rolling, so use rolling upgrade GI is advisable. At the end of this post, I will try to reverse the whole process, that is downgrade RDBMS and GI to before version.

Migrate non-ASM to ASM in 12c

There are many approaches can convert file system to ASM, such as RMAn copy database image, as of 12c, you can move datafiles online, that feature enables you minimize the downtime.